Nature not only wears the Colors of Spirit but also fills this existence with Joy. We partner with local artisans to revive the centuries old tradition of textiles, empower them to cater to modern world.

All our dyes are created from plants which are grown locally, in various parts of India including some from forests and their roots.

All our designs are translated to blocks which are hand carved on Teak Wood. Once blocks are made, the artisans print the pattern carefully with utmost attention

We are proud to call our products chemical free and a baby step towards our zero waste mission.



Our Fabric is 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton, naturally bleached under the sun with utmost attention to detail.

The fabric is softened by repeatedly rinsing and beaten against large rocks, then laid out to bleach in the sun to perfectly softened and lightened, printing begins.

All our designs are hand printed by expert artisans using wooden (Teak wood) blocks with great care to every single design of the pattern. Once printed, the fabric is air dried for few days. Next the fabric is steamed to fix the color and rinsed to remove any excess dye. This will be done couple of times to make sure the color is fully saturated.



As an eco-conscious mom, I always strive to look for kids products which are super soft and comfy. At the same time, I believe that it is our responsibility to provide a sustainable planet for generations to come. Experiencing the purest form of Nature in a modern way is pure bliss.
While getting to know Organic textiles, I realized that the fibre used in weaving the fabric is the ONLY Organic part of the entire process. Water is used as the principal medium to apply dyes and various finishes for commercial production of textiles. The dyes are used with water and chemicals, which then has to be dumped. The burning of all the products inside the mills also pollutes the air with chemicals. Unfortunately not a lot of research is done on harmful chemicals used in Textiles.
While looking for safer options, I got to learn about centuries old tradition of leveraging Natural dyes for textiles. “Srushti” was born after getting to know the purity and authenticity of the entire process of extracting dyes from plants, roots, flowers etc... 
"Srushti" means Creation and all our products are as Organic as this creation. In partnering with the artisans who are trained on the techniques, we are bringing the centuries old tradition of harnessing Nature for plant based dyes to all the families and their loved ones.
All our products are 100% Organic Cotton fabric, naturally bleached under the sun, hand blocked printed using plant based dyes, filled with 100% Organic cotton and sewn to perfection to finish it off. Ever single step in the process is done with love, passion and care.
We would love to have you along with your bundle of joy on our Zero Waste mission within Textile industry